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The Greaves Speed Reducer is a precision product incorporating the very best in worm gear design. It is a self-contained unit of simple rigid construction involving the minimum number of moving parts and embodying a lubrication system which ensures a positive supply of oil to gears and bearing at all running speeds. With careful installation Greaves Speed Reducers will give complete reliability in service and the only attention necessary is an occasional oil level check.

This publication gives information on corrent installation thus ensuring that the high initial efficiency is unimpaired in operation.


It is preferable, althought not essential, to mount the gear unit and prime mover on a common bedplate. Any foundation used should be rigid so as to minimise the effect of fluctuating or heavy loads. When lowering a bedplate on to its foundation flat steel packing should be used, placed on either side and as close as possible to each foundation bolt. packings should also be placed in such a position that support is given in the plane of the coupling faces. Care must be taken so as not to spring the bedplate when the final bolting down is carried out after the unit and prime mover have been lined up, as strains may be set up in the gear casing and errors of alignment in shafts and gear my be introduced. It is advisable to check the alignment after bolting down, even when a gear unit and motor have been assembled and lined up on a bedplate

After installation and lining up has taken place, the two opposite feet should be drilled,reamed and dowels fitted.


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